Food-Recipe: how to make a Durian Pancakes Legit and Patisseries

15 Nov 2014

Food-Recipe: how to make a Durian Pancakes Legit and Patisseries one of the processed fruit durian pancake is very delicious durian.

This food has long been loved by the people of Indonesia. In fact, the comedian and author even expressed his fascination Raditya Dika on this pillow-shaped food.

Since many who fell in love with this one in the past, it is now an awful lot of durian pancakes entrepreneur who sold pancake variety, taste, color and price.

For those of you who are of course very pleasant durian, once durian pancakes can make themselves at home. Do not know how? This is her recipe.

Because of the durian pancakes is a kind of street food, then there need be no such complicated Marinades in recipes processed vegetable or rice dishes. You can simply prepare the ingredients in the skin and fillings.

Leather is as follows:

250 grams of flour
50 g cornstarch (corn)
3 egg yolk granules
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
teaspoon salt
500 ml UHT milk, select white color
1 tablespoon margarine, heat until liquid
1 tablespoon grated orange peel

While the fillings is the main ingredient of durian pancakes. The material is meat 1 kg without contents of durian (durian Medan better). Make sure the durian is completely cooked. The durian meat half-cooked or pale color will affect the quality of taste the pancakes.

Then prepare all 500 ml whipped cream non dairy whipped, using mixer until stiff.

How to cook pancakes durian:

Sift the flour, until smooth, mix until blended with cornstarch, salt, and sugar.
UHT milk while stirring pour little by little. Make sure the dough reaches the right consistency, not too thick and not too dilute.
Stir in melted margarine and egg, mix well.
Prepare a wok or teplon with a little oil or margarine. Heat over medium heat.
Make a thin omelet of fried-dough, then set aside and let cool.
Take a piece of fried, grease with whipped cream, then stir in 1 tablespoon meat durian. Fold like an envelope.
Put in the refrigerator a few moments, but try not to freeze.

When making sheets omelet, we recommend you use a wok kwalik because its evenly. If no, teplon can be used.

You can also give a variation to the pancakes will you create, such as replacing milk with thick coconut milk. May also by adding some drops of pandan juice or cider on the dough to Brown the patisseries. Add cheese into fillings also does no harm to try.




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